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Joan Arent

As an artist both onstage and off, Joan Arent influences her audience to use their imagination in order to alter their perspective optimistically. She has learned through her many experiences that overcoming obstacles instills a passion to forge ahead. This presentation can be customized to serve different public and private groups in order to focus on education, business, personal life, innovation, orginizations, or simply finding ways to get over the slumps and bumps of life. Joan: Exhibits successful perspective skills with a painting Illustrates pro-active problem solving skills with sunglasses and an air guitar Visually strengthens managing your power with bouncing balls
Joan Arent tailors all presentations to fit the needs and ages of her audience. Invite Joan to your school, workplace, or home to share her whimsical proactive problem-solving strategies on the 3P's, inservice training, or family fun with story time!