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Half-Day Summer Camp Extension
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**Half Day Extension (1pm-3pm) – This will be an option for parents who need the younger campers to stay the whole day. The second half of the day will be much less educationally intensive than the first. Some of the topics from the morning may be covered in the afternoons activities but their won’t be any progress made on the main projects so that students who leave at 1pm will not fall behind.  The extension option will be available at checkout.

Refund Amount Advance Notice
100% refund 60 or more days before the workshop/camp
75% refund 59-30 days before the workshop/camp
50% refund 29-20 days before the workshop/camp
25% refund 19-10 days before the workshop/camp
0% refund 9-1 days notice
No refunds will be given within 9 days of the first day of the class/workshop and no refunds will be given after the class/workshop begins.

  • No refund for personal emergency.
  • No refund for no show, regardless of the circumstances.
  • No refund for drop out or dismissal of the workshop/camp after it has begun for any reason.
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Plein Air Camping

Instructor: Laura Svigel 

Come camping in our yard this summer.! Students will create and build temporary structures on our campus using natural materials. Our shelters will provide us inspiration for creating drawings and paintings of our surroundings. Students will work with watercolors and drawing materials to record and journal their experiences.

Price: $140 public/ $126 members
Half Day Extension: $65 public/  $58.50 members

Week 1
6/5/18 - 6/7/18

Discovering Through Sounds

Instructor: Laura Svigel

Inspired by our surroundings, students will create musical instruments to mimic the sounds we hear, within and around us, everyday. Students will be using clay and recycled materials to play and discover the noises we hear and the musical rhythms they inspire. 

Price: $140 public/ $126 members
Half Day Extension: $65 public/  $58.50 members

Week 2
6/12/18 - 6/14/18

Robots, Robots Everywhere: creating art assemblage robots

Instructor: Amanda Metsala 

Robots are becoming more common in life as well as media. Students will be exploring aspects that a robot could have to make life easier as well as more enjoyable, like flying to school or dancing to music. Students will create and assemble a robot of their own using everyday objects like cans, wire, buttons, wheels, etc. that will show their ideas of what they would want their very own robot to do with them

Price: $140 public/ $126 members
Half Day Extension: $65 public/  $58.50 members

Week 3
6/19/18 - 6/21/18

Monsters and fuzzy friends: inventing and creating stuffed monsters and creatures. 

Instructor: Amanda Metsala 

Students will create and invent a monster or creature friend. They will look at personality traits as well as ways of expression. They will explore basic sewing and fabric techniques as well as creating stories about their newly created friend.

Price: $140 public/ $126 members
Half Day Extension: $65 public/  $58.50 members

Week 4
6/26/18 - 6/28/18

My Very Own Book

Instructor: Kelly Ahlers

The age old art form of book making will thrill your child in this camp as they experience the excitement of binding their own sketchbooks or stories. During this week we will be using materials like water color, oil pastels, collage and other mixed medias to create unique books bound in new and different ways. Not only will we create handmade books, but fill pages with drawings, paintings, collages, stories and poems!

Price: $140 public/ $126 members
Half Day Extension: $65 public/  $58.50 members

Week 5
7/10/18 - 7/12/18

Clay and Slime Surprise

Instructor: Amber Bon Durant 

The ultimate clay summer camp experience! Students will have the opportunity to work in many different applications of clay, including making slime. Each day students will explore a new way to work in clay. We will be working in sculpture, slab-work, coil work, and pinch pots. Students will also glaze their own pieces as well. As a class, we will analyze and discuss how science and art connect with clay.

Price: $140 public/ $126 members
Half Day Extension: $65 public/  $58.50 members

Week 6
7/17/18 - 7/19/18

Elementary Art Prep: A little bit of everything!

Instructor: Amber Bon Durant 

This pre-K to 2nd grade readiness summer camp, is for students to have the opportunity to explore many art materials. These art materials included; watercolor paints, tempera paints pastels, chalk, printmaking and drawing techniques. While exploring these fun and amazing materials, students will be learning art concepts, preparing them for elementary school art.

Price: $140 public/ $126 members
Half Day Extension: $65 public/  $58.50 members

Week 7
7/24/18 - 7/26/18



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