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Virtual Summer Camps

Virtual / Online Camps 2024 has hundreds of online summer camps posted for 2024, drawn from all over North America!

Title Description
Online Summer Coding Camp - Explore world of Technology
The Online Summer Code Quest is an engaging and educational coding camp designed for young learners eager to explore the world of technology. Through interactive projects in game development, app creation, and AI programming, kids from grades 3 and up will develop crucial problem-solving skills and a deeper understanding of digital creation. This online camp offers a fun and safe learning environment, enabling participants to discover their passion for coding from anywhere.
Online Coding Camps
Coding with Kids Nashville
Leap forward on your coding journey! Let our unique Coder's Pathways® guide your next step. Weekly Online Camps, Up to 3 hours per day: Our online environment lets your child interact with the instructor much as they would in person. Video conferencing and screen-sharing capabilities allow teachers to work with students in a group as well as individually. Camp leaders will be offering support and help with project design and debugging to each camper individually. Max. 8 students per teeacher.
Python Summer Coding Camp (Age 11-17 years)
Ideal for ages 11-17, our dynamic one-week Python basic & advance program provides hands-on experience in data types, operators, conditionals, loops, and Turtle graphics.
Roblox Summer Coding Camp (Age 7-13 years)
Ignite your child's passion for technology with our "Roblox Summer Coding Camp"!
App Development Coding Camp June 2024
Join our exciting 1-week App Development Coding Camp! Each week features 6x1-hr sessions, with new batches starting every Monday and the program running through Saturday.
Champion Reader: 1-1 Summer Academic Enrichment
EduRaptor - Personalized Online Learning for K-12
Become a reading champion this summer! Keep getting stronger with your reading and comprehension skills. This course is built for our young readers in grades K-5 to become stronger readers and build on grade-level comprehension skills.
Raptor Number Buddies: 1-1 Summer Math Enrichment
EduRaptor - Personalized Online Learning for K-12
Ignite a love for numbers! Build a solid foundation in math this summer! This tutoring program equips K-5 students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in grade-level math, fostering a deep understanding and confidence in tackling mathematical concepts and problems.
Girls Who Code - U.S.
Who gets to join? 9th-11th grade girls and non-binary high school students, with or without prior coding experience, including alums.
AI/Machine Learning Research Bootcamp
This virtual 6-week university-level camp taught by MIT and Stanford engineers for 8th – 12th graders starts from the basics. Students are first introduced to the mathematics behind various AI, machine learning and deep learning models and then taught various data preprocessing techniques and how to train their own complex AI models from scratch. By the end of the camp, students will have acquired the basic skills needed for an entry-level data scientist and machine learning engineer position.
Competitive Programming Bootcamp
In this virtual live two-week summer course (3 hrs/weekday), MehtA+ instructors will teach Grades 7-12 students the basics of data structures and algorithms in Python. This camp is designed to help students prepare for a variety of topics at the USACO Bronze, Silver and Gold level as well as coding interviews for internships & jobs at the collegiate level. At the end of the camp, students will participate in a MehtA+ coding competition.
Puddletown Chess - 2024 SUMMER Training
Puddletown Chess
Puddletown is poised to DIVE into our upcoming summer training program, looking forward to a period of in-depth development and growth. 4 levels of programs are offered. Come learn + grow with Puddletown!
Summer Sale at TALE Pre-registration
Technology And Literacy Enrichment, LLC
Wondering how to support your child’s academics this summer? TALE is just the place for you! We are excited to announce our summer sale for all classes!
The Animation Course Summer Session
The Animation Course
Chad Stewart, former Disney animator and veteran home school Dad, offers a 12-week LIVE - online Animation Course for ages 11-18. He also teaches 2 online Drawing Classes as well for both elementary and upper grade level students. Each assignment is given a review by a professional animator/artist with feedback for the individual learning of each student!
Online Coding Camps with Young Gates!
Young Gates- San Francisco
Young Gates provides cutting edge live online computer science camps for kids from ages 9 and 18 years. Our programming camps include Python, Java, Website Making, App Making, Scratch, Data Science, Robotics and much more! We run camps/workshops on various topics at different times of the year. These provide students an advantage to gain knowledge about a particular subject in a shorter span of time rather than weekly classes. Our Junior programs offer hands on introduction to programming for students as young as 4 years old. Visit our website for more details.