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Happy Keys Music & Piano Program

Fun and engaging beginner's piano lessons for ages 3 and up! We specialize in online group piano lessons for children. All programs are systematic, holistic, and enriching. Be creative. Be committed. Be the BEST you!


We offer group piano lessons for children ages 4 to 11 through the KeyNotes Group Piano Program. We are available virtually for all distance and remote learners. Our exciting program includes a FREE trial session for all new students!

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FREE Virtual Piano Party for Kids: An introduction to group piano lessons!

This FREE class is for YOU and your CHILD if you have these questions in mind...

》Do piano lessons online work? How does it look like? I don't know how to play but I want to learn too.

》I have a piano/keyboard sitting at home. My child likes music and seems to be interested in the piano. Is this the right program for him/her? When should I start my child with piano lessons?

》My child cannot sit still yet but I want to know if they might be ready for piano lessons. He/she loves music and I know how to play a musical instrument. I can support them.

》I tried teaching my child how to play but it is challenging. I need help and I think I need lessons?

》We are busy but I want them to get started on an arts activity as they are in a lot of sports. I think piano will help them learn to focus and express themselves. How will online piano lessons help with this?

》I'm not sure when Covid-19 will be over...and I want them to learn something because I cannot homeschool them on every subject. Can this piano program provide a sound educational experience?

》My child loves online learning. We want a teacher who is fun, engaging, and understanding. They also like interacting with other kids. I want to try a group class and I love music! I think January will be a good start.

》I am looking for in-person lessons but am willing to try online lessons. Let's see how it goes...

》 I don't know how to play the piano and I want to learn too so I can support my child. Will I get support in helping them to learn at home?

》I am looking for flexibility and convenience as I work shift work. How can this work? How much homework is involved?

》My friend's child is learning online so I am interested in getting them started in piano lessons. I want them to learn the fundamentals and try online piano lessons.

If you have any of these questions and more, please feel free to ask me during our Q&A session at the end of the group class or after the free trial session.

Who am I?

My name is Miss Donna (what my students call me) and I offer FUN and ENGAGING beginner's ONLINE piano lessons for you and your child at home!

I've curated an online piano program that allows you to continue learning from home without disruptions and also be engaged in a community of learners, whether in class or outside of class time.

Thanks to apps and technology, we are ever more connected which makes the entire learning online experience unique and different from in-person lessons (which I still love!).

If you are ready to discover what potential lies in your child and online learning, then I am currently looking for a handful of students, to begin in January 2021!

I'm now offering free trial piano lessons online to help you decide if this is a great choice for your child and your family. The programs are for ages 4 to 6 and 7 to 11. Depending on the # of students interested, I will create openings as my availability opens up too!

I cannot wait to meet new students online and help you begin your musical piano learning journey! If you are the only student registered, then you will still receive a free trial class from me!

Learn more about my group programs here:


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